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Cliff Jumping


Croatian part of Adriatic sea attracts visitors from all over the world for its indented coast, indigenous nature, blue sea and many islands, islets, bays and cliffs. Deep water solo and cliff jumping is a perfect solution for all those who wish to experience different type of activity while combining climbing and a pleasant feeling of freedom.

The activity consists of climbing from the sea level without any climbing gear except shoes that our guides will provide for you. Any wrong move and you are back in the water from which you can climb the rock again for another exciting jump. This discipline gives you an adrenaline rush and great fun. Climbs range from really easy to difficult ones and you will be able to jump from a height of 2 to 10 meters.

Dws & Cliff jumping info
Cliff jumps: 2 – 10m (7 – 33 feet)
Climbing height: up to 10m (33 feet)


Activity time: 3h
Sea temperature: 21-28 C (70-83 F)
Fitness level: On the scale from 1-5, is 3
Routes: 4b – 6b (5.5 – 5.10c)
Optional: Harder spot for stronger climbers up to 7c (5.12d)
Age limit: 8 years old
Experience: Not necessary
Swimming knowledge: Required

Activity duration: 3 h
Price: 300 HRK (40 €)


What's Included

Il prezzo include: guide professionali autorizzate, scarpette da arrampicata adattate alla tua taglia
Suggerimenti: portare costume da bagno, asciugamano, crema solare, acqua, vestiti di ricambio, macchina fotografica
Minimo di partecipanti: 1 persona



In case of cancellation:

  • full refund, canceling the reservation no later than 24 hours before the start of the day trip
  • in case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions, you can choose between another date or a full refund
  • this experience requires a minimum number of 4 travelers. In case of cancellation for not reaching the minimum number, you can choose between another date, another trip or a full refund