Wine, Oil & Gastronomic tours in Croatia

During your holiday stay in one of the beautiful Dalmatian resorts, you will have the opportunity to participate in our personalized tours, to get to know for yourself the most prestigious areas where exceptional Croatian oils and wines are produced.

You can customize your tour according to your needs or choose one of those listed below. An expert guide in the sector will make a presentation of their products after which walking through the vineyards or olive groves, tasting of local products will follow, a great experience of how to get to know this area. The companies we offer are family-run, producing exceptional products and winning important international awards.

Tastings of fine oils and of tasting of autochthonous Croatian wines such as Maraština, Opolo, Babić, will be the gastronomic surprise of typical traditional dishes. You will have the opportunity to buy oil and wine and to hear some notions of each stage of the production process. It will be a truly unique, educational and culturally interesting experience.



Knin & Wine Tasting
This tour is a historical, food and wine experience in which you can participate while on holiday in the Sibenik Riviera.
Olive Oil Tasting Sv.Ivan
Ivan Dalmatia has been known as a producer of a quality olive oil since the time of the ancient Greeks. The olive branch is a symbol of peace and olive oil, on the other hand, a symbol of longevity and health. It is for sure on...